• Get a second PASSPORT 
  • Get a dual CITIZENSHIP 
  • Live in a European EU country with all the benefits it has
  • These are only a few benefits obtaining a residency or citizenship in another country by purchasing a property or investing in a business
  • European Golden Visa Programs

Which countries offers Citizenship or Residency by Investment?

Countries like Greece - Cyprus - Spain - Grenada - Antigua - gives you Residency and later Citizenship by investing in Real Estate and Grenada gives also access to obtain E2-USA Visa for business. The Golden Visa Programs gives residency in those European Countries

There are several countries offering programs for foreigners to invest in real estate or properties in their country which will give you a second passport or right to live, go to universities and schools, benefit from great healthcare or invest in a business in that country with your family. The benefits and requirements are different in each country


The Citizenship / Residency by Investment programs are offered by the governments. As a global marketing and sales agency we are directly connected with authorized law firms, developers and real estate to advice you into the application and process

Which country or program is the right one for you and your family?

We want to advice you into the best choice for your situation


Citizenship for life

A second citizenship is yours for life. For most locations, there is no requirement to appear personally when applying for the citizenship


Most of our properties on this site fulfills the requirements for obtaining either Residency or Citizenship by investing in a real estate or share

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There is a difference between a Golden Visa Residency and a Citizenship by Investment

At Tradek Properties we are specialized in certain countries which include Greece, Cyprus, Spain and the Caribbean. We have corporate agreement and close relations with these authorized CBI agencies. We guide you into secure real estate investments and reliable government approved projects

Since there are some differences in these programs we have picked the best from them all in which we have specialized. Residency or Citizenship are two different programs and it therefore depends of what you are going to do in the country you choose.

How to choose right?

1- First we need to know your needs! We want to show you the differences and a comparison between the available programs for each country to simplify your decision which program is right for for you

  • Ask yourself:
  • Do you need a real estate to live in, or mainly interested in only the benefits of the Citizenship?
  • We have 2 different programs, one is to invest and purchase a real estate and it gives the Citizenship at the same time, and the second program is to only invest in a share in a hotel and that only get the Citizenship but not a real estate to live in! In Europe all investments give also ownership of the real estate you purchase and it gives you the residency, but in the Caribbean there are these 2 different options available to choose either real estate investment or a share investment.
  • Do you have school-age children?
  • Is a warmer winter climate important to you?
  • Are there any health reasons?
  • Are you also going to live in the country or only investing for a second passport?
  • Do you intend to rent out the properties or open up a business?
  • Are you going to work in the country?
  • These are just few of many important aspects you need to think about

2- Secondly we want to show you the different investment programs we offer

3- To START Please contact us and we take step by step from that point

Let us help you, our help is free! *

*Tradek Properties operates in accordance with the International Standards of Business Practice and all your information will be treated with utmost confidentiality. We do not charge our clients any fees, our income comes from the seller of the properties! 

PS: Since Tradek Properties also provides help in normal real estate buying process in Greece, Cyprus or Spain as well as in the Caribbean we are here to help you to find suitable apartments or villas for you. We specialize on properties in the higher end even though we help anybody no matter of the pricing. We have also a list of hotels for sale. In Greece we have a huge selection on our search engine of properties. For Spain we offer real estates by searching databases based on the details you give is. In Spain there are thousands of properties for sale from which we can pick and choose whatever your needs are but we dont have the search engine on our own website. 

As you know in Spain and Greece we can guide you to purchase any property of your choice and still apply for the RBI residency by investment program, but in Cyprus and Caribbean we have to guide you to government approved real estate which we offer you through our program partners we work with