Buying a Investment Property

Allowing us to help you with the property searching we will guide you at the same time into the legal aspect obtaining a residency in that country you buy the property in

If you only want to purchase a property and not need any residency in any of these regions, we help you with that too. We source the best possible investment opportunity for you from our large network of partners.

TRADEK Real Estate collaborates with local and international realtors with presence in Spain and Greece having a huge property stock with several thousand properties to choose from in these international regions 

If you're thinking about buying a property for investment, the first thing you should do is focus on exactly what you're looking for. Start by establishing your priorities in these three areas:

Location: Are you buying it and rent it out? "Buy-to-let? How will the location of schools, shops and transportation affect your choice of neighborhoods?

Business strategy: How much are you investing in one unit? 100,000€, 150,000€ or 500,000€ on one property? In one property or in several real estate to make up a portfolio to rent out?

Budget: How much do you plan to invest in real estate in total?

What type of tenant do you prefer? It's important when looking for a buy-to-let property. 

So, before you buy, you need to think about what kind of tenant you are targeting, students, families, long term, short term?

A student, for example, is likely to want to live in an affordable property close to the schools and shopping centers, while families will be interested in the proximity of playgrounds, parks and pools

There is also the question of whether or not to buy a brand new real estate or a older property. Brand new real estate tend to have more spacious living and family rooms, and they're generally easier to maintain. However, many older homes built years ago have more developed greener gardens but often can lack of modern features

This depends what you intend to use the property for.

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