We help you invest in three options, either in 1- Real Estate globally or 2- Investment to get a Second Passport (Citizenship or Residency) at the same time. 3- We match venture capital investors with companies in need of investors

1- Buying Real Estate

Invest in Real Estate

To buy a real estate in a foreign country can have its challenges, therefore we are here to make the search and investing safe for you. 

Let us help, its free*!

*Tradek Properties operates in accordance with the International Standards of Business Practice and all your information will be treated with utmost confidentiality. We do not charge our clients any fees, our income comes from the seller of the properties! 

2- Citizenship & Residency by Investment

Get a Second Passport

Residency or Citizenship by Investment giving either residency or citizenship at same time, is a great opportunity when you want to emigrate to another country. Read more >>

3- Investment

Looking for investors

On behalf of our Finnish client, we are looking for investors to fund a new clinical trial in children and to accelerate R&D activities. 

The product is a new diagnostic method with a huge global need.

If you are an investor please contact us and we will introduce you directly to the BOD and owner of the company for more info