About us

We work with developers to promote and present real estate projects for sale in Cyprus, Greece and some projects also in Caribbean. We got a huge portfolio from these developers and partners for you to purchase and invest in. We can also advice you wich properties gives a good ROI as well as different rental income opportunities for your investment

Founder Clas Kock
Founder Clas Kock

Property Investment Agent

info @ tradek.fi

+358 50 4757 444 Tel & Whatsapp

WeChat ID: Tradek-Real-Estate 

Co Founder Marina Kock
Co Founder Marina Kock

Property Investment Consultant

accounts @ tradek.fi

+358 44 500 8095 Tel & Whatsapp 

Who We Are

A gallery with photos of colleagues, partners, developers in meetings, trainings, viewings, dinners

TRADEK Properties

Registered Legal Company Name

Dba: Tradek Properties


Registration Date

Registered in Finland


Registration Number

VAT registered in Finland


We partner with developers in

Cyprus Greece Caribbean

Where We Work

We work remotely from our office both in Finland and Cyprus

When you are coming for a viewing of a property, we set up an appointment and meet you at the airport in Cyprus or Greece and book your hotel if needed. 

Same procedure applies also for the projects we promote in Caribbean.