About us

Tradek Properties a International Marketing Agent promoting CBI - RBI Investments in Real Estate in Foreign Countries

We collaborate with authorized real estate companies and local CBI agents and developers specialized in Spain, Greece, Antigua & Barbuda, Dominica, Grenada, St Kitts and Nevis providing Investor Visa / Residency / Citizenship by Investments in these countries

Tradek Properties has all the necessary tools required to carry out and successfully finalize all property sales processes. We work with Legal Service Companies who assists our clients with all legal and financial aspects of property acquirement. Tradek Properties employs lawyers and accountants who are highly skilled and experienced the field of property sales and acquirement.

Let us do the job! 

We find properties for you to make your investment safe abroad. We help clients with finding suitable properties that are approved by governments for residency or citizenship in the investment country. We also work with sellers of properties offering sellers cooperation to sell their real estate to our large network of investors on the international market.

We are acting as your agent to help you perform the transaction directly with the seller or the selling broker. Our help and service is free of charge to you as buyer, instead we work of the commission that is in the selling side of the transaction. We are committed to transparency in all the line of the transactions and we work with a team of lawyers when it comes to making up the process on the sale / purchasing transactions. Your transaction is safe with us.

The legal issues of the transactions are performed by a team of attorneys, read more here >>

We dont favor any particular real estate broker or developer, instead we look for the best interest of the buyer or investor so that they are getting the best value from the investment. Therefore we are able to offer the largest real estate selection available on the market today when we can pick and choose whom we work with. 

The best is, you pay the same price for any property in the world, that you want to purchase, if you use our service or if you go and buy the same property from someone else, so why not use our service?

Tradek Properties is offering exclusive home and luxury real estate services to buyers and investors worldwide. Our service also offers you the option to get a residency or citizenship in the country you are investing in. 

No need to negotiate with many different realtors or legal advisors in several countries. At Tradek International Real Estate we help you with these matters in Spain, Greece and Caribbean


In Spain you can buy several properties added up to a value of 500,000€ and you will get a Golden Visa

The founder started Tradek Properties business years ago with one clear MISSION, To focus on your VISION finding the best possible value for your investment in the world's biggest markets.

Our Mission is to help property buyers and investors from foreign countries outside the EU to obtain residency in the investment country. But ofcourse also EU residents are welcome to purchase our offered properties

We are specialized in the real estate market in Spain & Greece & Caribbean

At Tradek Properties we know these regions and can therefore offer safe investments in properties suitable for the government programs for Residency or Citizenship by Investment in a property

Tailored for real estate priced at EUR 150K and above, we provide a world-class showcase for distinguished homes

When it comes to the legal aspects in these deals, we collaborate only with professional law firms

Tradek's Properties property experts are trusted advisors in the art of connecting buyers and sellers of the world's finest homes. 

At Tradek Properties we work in our clients' best interest and provide educated, professional and ethical service. 

We build relationships based on honest dialogue and responsiveness   

With integrity

We respect, value and serve not only our clients, but also our co-workers, owners, competitors and our community. 

We're concerned about and contribute to the well-being of those we serve, and operate with integrity so we can be deserving of their trust.

Founder Clas Kock

We provide a professional work environment that encourages openness, creativity, self-discipline and growth. An environment that acknowledges diversity as a source of richness. 

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How We Work

When you invest thousands and sometimes millions in properties, you want to know who you are dealing with. Sometimes it is hard to verify a seller, especially on social media groups.

We want to be open and trustworthy. We operate from Finland and Spain, our Finnish office is located in Jakobstad. Sometimes we stay in Caribbean for a longer time during property transactions, it depends on the need and situation to meet with investors, property owners or law firms. We cooperate with local companies and legal firms in each country we represent so all transactions are going through these corporations that will be presented to you when you decided in which country and property you want to invest.

We normally also meet clients "onsite" in Spain, Greece or in the Caribbean to show properties. The legal paperwork will take place at the local country office in the investment country with whom we work. We will be present with you through the whole process of your investment until you got the keys to the property you purchased. We meet up together with the client at the property for showings.

Our attorneys fulfills the important roles to make all the necessary legal documents for the residency application and they will guide you through the different investment programs available for you at the local level.

We speak the languages fluently of English, Swedish and Finnish but our team members for different regions speak many other languages to meet your need. If you do not need the citizenship for a country, but still want to invest in a property in one of these regions, you are welcome to contact us and we will be happy to assist you finding a suitable property to invest in

How To Start? Simplest way to get in touch with us is to fill your info about what you are interested to do, and we can evaluate your situation and come up with a suggestion for you.

So please contact us for free consultation and get more info about real estate, investment programs with no obligations and we get back to you shortly. Our site is secured using SSL Certificate. All your information provided is secure and will be treated as strictly confidential

我们希望帮助您通过投资或购买房屋或房地产来获得在外国的居留权或公民身份。 与我们联系,我们告诉您更多

投资移民 投资移民指的是具有一定资产,并且符合其他一些限制性条件的投资者将资金投资到目标国政府批准的投资基金或合适的商业项目的一种行为


Гражданство по инвестициям. Мы помогаем вам получить вид на жительство, инвестируя в недвижимость в регионе, где есть утвержденные объекты для продажи. Свяжитесь с нами, и мы посоветуем, где есть подходящие объекты для покупки и какие существуют требования. Добро пожаловать!