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Real Estate Marketing & 

Citizenship by Investment Agency

  1. CEO & Owner: Clas Kock
  2. Company: TRADEK Properties
  3. Title: Real Estate, Global Visa, Passport & Immigration Consultants & Marketing Agency  
  4. Product 1: We sell real estate 
  5. Product 2: CBI, CIP, RBI Passport & VISA Advisory. We provide investment programs to obtain citizenship (second passport) or residency in another country by investing into a real estate (You purchase a property and it will give you the passport or residency in that other country)
  6. Market: Global, we are specialized in Greece, Cyprus, Spain, Grenada, Antigua also other destinations available
  7. For who: Anyone interested to purchase a real estate in Cyprus, Greece, Spain, Grenada or Antigua and also anyone from a country not having a Visa free travel, that cannot get a Visa to another country, wants to relocate and live in another country

We work closely with developers with written agreements to present their projects and real estate for sale in Cyprus, Greece, Spain, Grenada and Antigua. We can therefore offer you brand new or used real estate to purchase and invest in in these regions. 

We combine these with government approved programs in each country so that you can obtain a residency or citizenship with a passport, simply by investing into a real estate or a hotel share.

Our team of developer partners and real estate teams have lawyers and professional knowledge to process your visa or citizenship application from the beginning to the end.

We give you FULL SERVICE real estate help providing you with all you need from one place

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The importance of second passport

Because you already are on this site reading this, I assume you are interested in getting an easier way of traveling as well as living in another country with your family, or owning a business abroad

But how can you do that, let me explain below:

  • As a citizen myself from an European country I know the importance of passports and easy way of travel. As I mention in "My Own Story" below I got the experience from my own travel and living abroad that I want you to learn from!
  • Unfortunately I cannot give you a Finnish passport, since Finnish government does not have a Golden Visa or Citizenship by Investment program but Instead I can help you obtaining a Citizenship or Residency in other countries offering these investment programs, and Tradek Properties represent the programs for these places. 
  • These programs allows you to benefit from the features each country offers, even there are some differences.
  • As an authorized global marketing agency Tradek Properties work with programs offered by countries like Greece, Cyprus, Spain, Malta, Montenegro, Grenada, Antigua, St Kitts, Dominica etc. We have selected the best programs for you. We don't offer programs in countries we know that would not benefit you.
  • In some of these countries you can either get a Citizenship (Passport) right away (process takes a few months) or a Residency which gives a Citizenship after you spent 7 -10 years in that country.
  • So we can help you in this matter, whatever route you choose to take. As we mentioned, with our own experience traveling and living in different countries in the world we know how important this is also for you and your family.
  • We have also selected programs from countries we love travelling to. These regions we offer residency and citizenship to are beautiful places. We have not yet lived in Greece or Cyprus but we have traveled there, and Greece got some incredible beautiful sites to visit.
  • So we want to help you to find a better place to invest in, stay, work or live in as well. But the countries offer programs for you, but with some slightly differences. 
  • A good thing for you also is, we can help you without charging anything, we can advice you for free and guide you into these programs without collecting any fees. Why is that? Who would work for free?
  • Since we are working directly with land developers, hotel construction builders, real estate companies, (we got written agreements with them) we are authorized to get our compensation directly from them, so we don't have to charge you anything.
  • The Citizenship programs offered are not provided by developers itself, they only act as agencies for the programs, the citizenship or residency programs are supplied by the governments in each country and they laid out what each program shall cost and what fees they charge for the processing and the government authorize then certain developers and real estate projects to offer the programs and we Tradek Properties act as a marketing agency and we introduce you to the developers and their Real Estate.
  • One thing also to notice, once you begin an application process to any of the programs, we do not collect any money or funds from you. So feel safe with us.
  • All transactions goes through a secured escrow account making sure the funds are safe until your application is processed and approved by the government. The authorized agencies and developers we work with are handling all the documentation and fees for a successful application.
  • To start an application for any of the programs we represent, first we want to evaluate your needs and we give you a free and comprehensive consultation until you are ready to send in your Visa application for any of the government citizenship or residency programs by investing in a real estate

Where We Work

We work remotely from our global headquarters in Jakobstad, Finland. Our partners also work remotely due to the current global situation with us from different parts of the globe in Greece, Cyprus, Spain, Grenada, and Antigua. We keep in touch with our clients and partners using using available communication methods in order to stay ahead of the daily tasks and the competition 

Where Do We Meet Our Clients?

When we come that far, that you as a buyer or investor wants to take next step to talk about purchasing, or showing a real estate or investing in order to get a citizenship or residency anywhere in these regions of Cyprus, Greece, Spain, Grenada or Antigua, then we set up an appointment directly at the residency or real estate you are interested to invest in. And we can also meet in any of the offices in each country we work. 

We aren't the biggest player on the field, but we certainly are the preferred choice when it boils down to honestly, quality, confidentiality and discretion

You can WhatsApp or Text SMS us for a quick question anytime at 

+358 50 4757 444

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